Stop Throwing Your Money Away on A Home Based Business That Doesn't t Help Build Your Downline

The Problem with Network Marketing and a Home Based Business

I joined a couple of really nice Network Marketing programs so that I could work from home with a home based business to earn extra income.  They all sounded great upfront, great sign up bonuses once I got someone to sign up under me and great products.  The problem was trying to get people to join under me.  You know the old saying, "once burned, twice shy."  Well many of these people had been burned by a home based business that wound up costly them more then they made.  Never able to earn extra income that was promised.  Sound familiar?

What is the good of a lucrative sign up bonus, if you can't get anyone to sign up under you?  What is the good of a superior product line, when the products are too darn expensive?

These are important questions, any home based business or network marketing entrepreneur must ask themselves if they expect to make money in their business.

I had put out a lot of money trying to advertise and promote one particular business and made none of it back.  The compensation plan changed and then it was down hill from there.  I joined another home based business and had problems selling their expensive juice.  Then a couple of months later, they went up on the price; I was done.

And what about all the promises to help me build my downline?

Promises, Promises - Home Based Business - The Promise to help Build Your Downline

Home Based Business - The Downline Building Promise

Ever heard of a matrix?  Basically, once your in your home based business, any overflow from the top is supposed to spill under you and any one else on the bottom to build a downline.  So basically when a new person comes in under your sponsor, they spill down to those people under your sponsor including you.  Sounds great, at least for generating residual income in your network marketing program.  The problem I experienced was that it never happened until now.

While this concept is truly your upline or sponsor helping you to build your downline, each one helps someone at the bottom.  Until now, I never really thought it was possible, just another "promise" to get you in the network marketing business.  In a true "downline" building scenario every time someone new comes in your group, they go directly under the last person that came in your group.

In my 1st week with my work from home company, I sat back and watched 3 people being added to my downline.  Now I didn't get signup bonuses because I did not sponsor them personally but each person that is added to my downline helps me get closer to a team bonus which can go up to $30,000.  This is for doing nothing more than maintaining my autoship (which is less than half of what the other programs charge).

Now how would you feel if you looked into your work from home website's back office and found new people in your downline?  How do you think those that you bring into your home based business would feel if they found new people in their downline?  Yes, it is pretty cool!

Wanna see how a home based business should work?

Network Affiliate Programs

There are a ton of Network Affiliate Programs on the web.  If you are interested in marketing a particular product, software or service try looking directly on the vendor's website for their in-house affiliate program if they have one.  Usually in-house affiliate programs have better terms then an outside network affiliate program.  For instance, as part of an in-house affiliate program, you may get life-time commissions whenever a returning customer makes a purchase - whereas an outside network program will usually have a 30 - 45 day expiration date on recurring customer purchases.

Research a Niche and Keywords using Market Samurai

When I first started, I had no plan.  I did no research into my niche market, nor did I do any keyword research.  I just started blogging about something that was near and dear to me.  I still have that same blog today, but as I have learned new methods my blog has evolved.

It is always best to start your blog about something that you know, that you can earn money from and write about easily.  For instance if you are into cooking, start a cooking blog - there you can add Amazon widgets to sell cookbooks and kitchen appliances.

Google Blogger Account Setup and Resources

Get Online for Free with Google Blogger/Blogspot

Get a free website at Blogger
Did you know that the search engines, especially Google loves Blogs?  Why?  Because blogs are constantly being updated with new and fresh content.  You also have visitors that interact by leaving comments on your blog (if enabled) - a dialogue takes place - adding more content. Even if you have your own website, it is very easy to add a blog to it by adding "/blog" to the subdomain of your website. 

Many of my affiliate blogs were created for free on Blogger.  Creating an account is easy, especially if you already have a GMail account. I find that the interface is very user friendly and simple to use.  Blogger has widgets or custom made applications that you can easily install to enhance your blog.  In addition, you can customize (or hack) your blog by editing the HTML coding.

Getting your blogs seen - SEO and Backlinks

If Content is King - SEO is Master of the Universe

You have probably heard the saying, 'content is king.' This is because Google hates duplicate content. Google wants search results to be original, fresh and relevant. But content alone is not enough to ensure that you will be seen and receive a lot of visitors or paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Backlinks

Without a well optimized website or blog your page will just sit out there among the millions of other pages on the web. What good is it if in a search of 15,000,000 pages your blog is on page 599 of the search results; will anybody see it?

Making money online by Blogging - Guest Spot - Radio Interview 2/23/2010

Radio Interview on Wendy's Animal Talk on Healthylife.Net

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, I had privilege and extreme pleasure to be interviewed by Wendy Nan Rees about, 'How to make money on the internet by blogging about your pet(s) or interests.' 

Wendy Nan Rees is an entrepreneur, inventor and renowned author (her latest book is, 'A Dog Lover's Daily Companion').  Wendy's Animal Talk airs every Tuesday, 1-2 PST.

A while ago, I mentioned to Wendy that I have been blogging now for over ten years and making money from it and she asked me to share my story and tips with her listeners.  I discussed free and low cost ways to get started on the internet by blogging and using affiliate products.

My interview with Wendy is available for listening

I also wrote a post on her Blog discussing my tips on how to start an income by blogging and using affiliate programs at Wendy's Animal Talk Blog