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Did you know that the search engines, especially Google loves Blogs?  Why?  Because blogs are constantly being updated with new and fresh content.  You also have visitors that interact by leaving comments on your blog (if enabled) - a dialogue takes place - adding more content. Even if you have your own website, it is very easy to add a blog to it by adding "/blog" to the subdomain of your website. 

Many of my affiliate blogs were created for free on Blogger.  Creating an account is easy, especially if you already have a GMail account. I find that the interface is very user friendly and simple to use.  Blogger has widgets or custom made applications that you can easily install to enhance your blog.  In addition, you can customize (or hack) your blog by editing the HTML coding.

A Free Resource for Customizing your Blog

I found a wonderful and free resource for applying hacks and/or customizing my Blogger blogs.

Divya Sai is the ingenious webmaster of Bloggerstop.Net.  Divya is extremely patient, knowledgeable and responsive.  I ask him a ton of questions and it seems like he gets back to me before I hit the send button.  Divya has me spoiled. has an abundance of articles on creating widgets, templates, hacks and ways to make your blog search engine friendly.  A list of help topics can be found here at

A Word about using WordPress for Blogs

WordPress is another free and very popular blogging platform.  I even have one of my blogs in WordPress, but when I first started out I found WordPress harder to get acclimated to and less user friendly than Blogger.   There are, however, a ton of fantastic (advanced) plugins for WordPress.  So as you advance in your blogging skill and knowledge, you will definitely want to dive into using WordPress as a blogging platform.

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