Getting your blogs seen - SEO and Backlinks

If Content is King - SEO is Master of the Universe

You have probably heard the saying, 'content is king.' This is because Google hates duplicate content. Google wants search results to be original, fresh and relevant. But content alone is not enough to ensure that you will be seen and receive a lot of visitors or paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Backlinks

Without a well optimized website or blog your page will just sit out there among the millions of other pages on the web. What good is it if in a search of 15,000,000 pages your blog is on page 599 of the search results; will anybody see it?

Welcome Tim and Anthony Buchalka the guys behind The New Web Traffic and Marketing Blueprint v2.0. This system provides step by step methods of achieving rapid Google page one positions to generate a massive dramatic increase in targeted web traffic and sales conversions.  After all you want to be on page one of Google, right?

You get detailed videos, ebooks, audios and webinars that show you how to start getting dramatic, rapid and sustained Google listings without using Black Hat (stuff that will get you banned by Google) techniques! 

You will receive a lot of great information and I have personally emailed them and gotten back a personal response!

When you become a customer, you get access to the private member's area, were you can download and watch over 47 quality videos, 6 software programs, (personally designed and built by Anthony and Tim) seven ebooks, including a newbie guide, quick start guide, and web traffic ebook.

Here's just some of the items included:

  • Niche and detailed keyword research
  • Basic and advanced SEO (for "raw" Newbies through to "hard core" internet marketers).
  • Marketplace Detective - affiliate software program
  • RSS Backlink and Web Traffic Genius software program
  • Search Position Detective software program
  • Web 2.0 techniques for rapid Page One on Google results.
  • Beginner to advanced backlinking strategies
  • Advanced article marketing strategies
  • Video marketing tips and tricks
  • Powerful Monetization strategies
  • Copywriting and autoresponder writing techniques
  • Twitter strategies for marketing success
  • Using Google AdWords for online success

Start your free 7 day trial now!

They even offer an absolutely excellent free web video secrets course; I was blown away with the amount of relevant and fresh information included in this course and it doesn't cost you a cent!

Give your Site Authority with Quality Backlinks

Google has a page ranking system - the amount and quality of the backlinks that your website or blog has, the higher its pagerank or 'authority' in Google. Getting backlinks is a long tedious job; I have spent many nights going from website to website trying to get backlinks.

Once again, Anthony and Tim have another great creation called, The Web Traffic Genius Software, automatically and rapidly builds targeted web traffic by generating powerful backlinks and building page rank.

There is the Web Traffic Genius "Wordpress" version PLUS the Web Traffic Genius "standalone" version. One version is for Wordpress blogs and one is for stand alone websites. You also great 3 additional BONUS software programs. Easy to install and set up with detailed videos. Includes premium free software upgrades.

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