Network Affiliate Programs

There are a ton of Network Affiliate Programs on the web.  If you are interested in marketing a particular product, software or service try looking directly on the vendor's website for their in-house affiliate program if they have one.  Usually in-house affiliate programs have better terms then an outside network affiliate program.  For instance, as part of an in-house affiliate program, you may get life-time commissions whenever a returning customer makes a purchase - whereas an outside network program will usually have a 30 - 45 day expiration date on recurring customer purchases.

Recommended Affiliate Programs

One such in-house affiliate program for natural home remedies for people and pets is Native RemediesNative Remedies pays 25% commission on sales (which is extremely high), with 2-tier life-time commissions.  So when you refer a new affiliate and they make a sale, they make 25% commission and you also make 5% commission off their sale.


Chitika pays 10% of what your referrals earn, the more people sign up under you the more you make. Click below for details, terms and conditions of the Chitika program and to sign up for free.  Looking for an alternative to the restrictive program of Adsense?  Chitika is a great Adsense alternative.

Get Chitika | Premium


Squidoo is a mini Web 2.0 website. Basically it is a mini website (called a Lens) that has a great deal of traffic. You can earn money by getting a share of sales from eBay, Amazon and other ads that are on your Squidoo Lens.  Squidoo is free to join and you earn everytime someone joins under you and earns money.  Check below for details.

While there are many network affiliate programs out there, you should always check out current affiliates experiences to determine whether or not it is worth joining.

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