Research a Niche and Keywords using Market Samurai

When I first started, I had no plan.  I did no research into my niche market, nor did I do any keyword research.  I just started blogging about something that was near and dear to me.  I still have that same blog today, but as I have learned new methods my blog has evolved.

It is always best to start your blog about something that you know, that you can earn money from and write about easily.  For instance if you are into cooking, start a cooking blog - there you can add Amazon widgets to sell cookbooks and kitchen appliances.

Researching your Niche Market and Finding Profitable Keywords

Now that you have a free way to get online and a great resource to help you start blogging, you need to know what your niche market is and if it is over saturated.  If the niche market you choose is over saturated you will have little chance of making money.

My program of choice is Market Samurai.  In researching Market Samurai in Google you will rarely find anything negative on it.  It is an awesome multi-function product that works.  The customer support is top notch.  They have training videos (in the Do Jo) and a forum to help you get started on the right foot.

Some of the functions of Market Samurai are:  Keyword/niche research, rank tracking and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Competition.  The cool thing is you put in a term - market samurai goes out and finds keywords related to your term and then lets you know how profitable the keywords are by tracking many factors like organic searches, SEO Traffic, SEO Competition, SEO Title Competition, Trends and more.

I have seen programs like Market Samurai that are not only expensive to purchase but have hefty monthly fees.  Market Samurai a real bargain because there is only a one time cost and no monthly (subscription) fees.  For anyone serious about making money online, Market Samurai is a must.  Read more about the features of the paid version of Market Samurai

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