Promises, Promises - Home Based Business - The Promise to help Build Your Downline

Home Based Business - The Downline Building Promise

Ever heard of a matrix?  Basically, once your in your home based business, any overflow from the top is supposed to spill under you and any one else on the bottom to build a downline.  So basically when a new person comes in under your sponsor, they spill down to those people under your sponsor including you.  Sounds great, at least for generating residual income in your network marketing program.  The problem I experienced was that it never happened until now.

While this concept is truly your upline or sponsor helping you to build your downline, each one helps someone at the bottom.  Until now, I never really thought it was possible, just another "promise" to get you in the network marketing business.  In a true "downline" building scenario every time someone new comes in your group, they go directly under the last person that came in your group.

In my 1st week with my work from home company, I sat back and watched 3 people being added to my downline.  Now I didn't get signup bonuses because I did not sponsor them personally but each person that is added to my downline helps me get closer to a team bonus which can go up to $30,000.  This is for doing nothing more than maintaining my autoship (which is less than half of what the other programs charge).

Now how would you feel if you looked into your work from home website's back office and found new people in your downline?  How do you think those that you bring into your home based business would feel if they found new people in their downline?  Yes, it is pretty cool!

Wanna see how a home based business should work?

Work From Home - Great Earning Potential, until the Compensation Plan Gets Changed On You

As I mentioned, I have been part of some great home based business opportunities that had great compensation plans with complicated earning structures; sound familiar?  Or once I got a handle on the compensation plan - BAM it got changed.

Then I found a company that enables me to have 6 different income streams.

  1. Retail profits up to 40% per sale
  2. Fast Start or sign up bonuses up to $150 for each new distributor signed
  3. Team commissions earn up to $1,000 a day
  4. Matching bonuses up to 100% a week
  5. Lifestyle bonus up to $2,000 a month
  6. Life Points credit accumulated for free gifts
Detailed overview of the compensation plan

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Want to find out more about this incredible home based business?

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