Stop Throwing Your Money Away on A Home Based Business That Doesn't t Help Build Your Downline

The Problem with Network Marketing and a Home Based Business

I joined a couple of really nice Network Marketing programs so that I could work from home with a home based business to earn extra income.  They all sounded great upfront, great sign up bonuses once I got someone to sign up under me and great products.  The problem was trying to get people to join under me.  You know the old saying, "once burned, twice shy."  Well many of these people had been burned by a home based business that wound up costly them more then they made.  Never able to earn extra income that was promised.  Sound familiar?

What is the good of a lucrative sign up bonus, if you can't get anyone to sign up under you?  What is the good of a superior product line, when the products are too darn expensive?

These are important questions, any home based business or network marketing entrepreneur must ask themselves if they expect to make money in their business.

I had put out a lot of money trying to advertise and promote one particular business and made none of it back.  The compensation plan changed and then it was down hill from there.  I joined another home based business and had problems selling their expensive juice.  Then a couple of months later, they went up on the price; I was done.

And what about all the promises to help me build my downline?

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